Logic Encryption: Theory and Practice

Hai Zhou(清华大学)


时  间:2017年7月17日(周一)9:30-10:30
地  点:张江校区微电子楼269会议室


In this talk, I am going to introduce the logic encryption, its applications in hardware security, and the vulnerability of existing solutions. Then I am going to present my own theory for solving logic encryption thoroughly and completely. I may also talk about some non-traditional encryptions including cyclic encryptions


Hai Zhou is a professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University. He has been served on TPC of all EDA conferences, and been on the editorial boards of ACM TODAES, IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems, and Integration, the VLSI journal. He was a recipient of a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. His research interests include hardware security, VLSI computer-aided design, algorithm design, and formal methods.



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