State-of-the-Art Electronics for the Future Ubiquitous
Intelligent World

报告人:Prof. Lirong Zheng   郑立容教授

 Professor, School of Information Technology

the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Guest Professor, Fudan University


FudanKTH微纳电子国际双硕士联合培养项目     负责人

国家留学基金委Fudan &KTH博士联合培养项目    负责人

时间:515日下午2:00 – 300


摘要:Ubiquitous intelligence is a new driving force after the internet revolution in the realm of information and communication technologies. It aims to design smart solutions by embedding electronics and sensors in almost every object that can finally make our daily life easier and simpler. Electronics as a core enabler in this application faces new challenges and opportunities which often do not follow up what is called Moore’s law or ?°More Moore?± but rather, it follows up what is called ?°More than Moore?± integration.
        In this presentation, I will describe the challenges and opportunities of state-of-the-art electronics, including sensors, low power wireless links and RFID, energy suppliers (integrated battery and power generators), as well as seamless electronics integration technologies for future ubiquitous intelligence applications. I will also present examples of the research work conducted at KTH in this area, including our recent work of ubiquitous intelligence for bio-medical monitoring applications, smart paper and packaging for food and medicine.

In the beginning of my presentation, I will also shortly introduce something about Sweden, KTH, and the world-leading wireless valley ¨Ckista Science City in Stockholm. I will also shortly introduce my earlier research on wireless IC and system design, such as Wi-Fi, WiMax, and UWB radio.

Key Words: ubiquitous intelligence, wireless sensors, RFID, RFIC, system integration




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